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About Us

Valz Surf Lessons has been helping people both young and old learn to surf since 2013. Owner and founder, Valerie Johnson and her partner and fellow surfing lessons instructor, Doug Grummons have been surfing for over 37 years! These combined years of experience surfing and being in the water, as well as professionally instructing hundreds of fellow saltwater lovers how to surf, ensure you are in capable hands as you fulfill your dream of learning how to surf. They even taught their dog TinkerBell (AKA “Tink”) to surf, so they can definitely teach you! 

Valz Surf Lessons is part of Galveston Island’s large surfing community and new surfers are always welcome in the water. You CAN learn to surf with Valz Surf Lessons. Valz Surf Lessons also provides surf coaching for when you are ready to take your surfing to the next level of really surfing on your own. By taking surf coaching surfing lessons, you will learn technique, wave knowledge, surfing safety and etiquette all while having a fantastic surfing experience!



Valz Surf Lessons was stoked again to win the Best of Galveston 

2019 Bronze Award for the Best Surfing Lessons in Galveston. 


2018 Silver Award Winner Best SurfING Lessons in Galveston

Valz Surf Lessons was stoked to win the Best of Galveston 

2018 Silver Award for the Best Surfing Lessons in Galveston. 


2014 2nd Place OUTLAW JOHNNY'S Summer Shootout

Val caught the perfect waves and took home 2nd Place in the Ladies Longboard Division. 


Surf Dog TinkerBell (AKA “Tink”)

 Val giving TinkerBell a pep talk before the Dog Surfing Contest.



“Tink” catching a wave.


Ohana Surf Dog Competition

Val and TinkerBell have been participating since the Dog Surf Competition began in 2012.